Comic Vine Podcast

Comic Vine Podcast

Comic Vine: Comic books are hard to take seriously sometimes. They’re even harder for the casual reader to pick up, which is where Comic Vine comes in handy. Comic Vine is a user-created encyclopedia that can make you an instant expert, but just about comic books. The big difference between Comic Vine and a site like Wikipedia is the community and user submission, which is where Comic Vine steps it up in a big–make that super–way.

We got you. We’ll be tracking all the Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals between now and early December. And to make life easier, we’re cherry-picking the absolute best stuff — the items we think are genuinely good buys. See our preliminary picks below, followed by some general Black Friday info.

Comic Vine Podcast

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User profiles on Comic Vine let you become a superhero or villain. Instead of listing the usual social networking details, such as what grade school you went to or your favorite band, you can tell people how a utilized can of refried beans gave you the ability to drink beverages through your nostrils and understand Motorola’s naming scheme for its mobile phones. You can post pictures of yourself in your super outfit, as well as write blog posts about anything you feel like. The sky is the limit (unless your superhero/villain can also breathe underwater).

Comic Vine provides an easy template to create comprehensive profiles for all things comic-related. You can find out almost everything about major comic book characters, in addition to biographies of the people who illustrated and wrote them along with other projects they worked on. You could get similar information from Wikipedia, but Comic Vine provides its frequent contributors to the benefit of posting with less stringent moderation. In fact, after you’ve passed a short probation period, you’re granted access to make live edits to the pages which show up instantly. You’re also given points for adding content to the site, which means the more content you add, the more credibility you get with other Comic Vine members.

Comic Vine is a great niche site. Whereas standard wiki authoring tools or sites like Wikipedia can be bland or too broad, Comic Vine seems built to please both its contributors as well as the casual passerby. Seriously though, stay away from those refried beans.

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It’s the first week of November, which means the leaves are about gone but the early-Black Friday sales have arrived in full force. As we reported earlier, Amazon is already offering holiday dealsCostco shared its massive holiday-sale catalog and Walmart’s already week-old Early Deals Drop seems to be getting better: See the latest Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Plus Cellular deal below. All this despite the fact that the big day doesn’t officially arrive until Nov. 29, followed three days later by Cyber Monday. Yep, it’s official: Black Friday Madness is upon us.

We got you. We’ll be tracking all the Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals between now and early December. And to make life easier, we’re cherry-picking the absolute best stuff — the items we think are genuinely good buys. See our preliminary picks below, followed by some general Black Friday info.


Once you’ve added a few comics to ComicRack, there are a number of ways you can scrape those comics:

  1. Select one or more comic books.
  2. Click on the Comic Vine Scraper icon () in the ComicRack toolbar.


  1. Select one or more comic books.
  2. Right-click on them, and choose Automation -> Comic Vine Scraper… from the menu that appears.


  1. Select a single comic book.
  2. Choose Edit -> Get Info… from the ComicRack menu. A window will appear, showing you some details about the comic.
  3. Click on the “Comic Vine Scraper” button located at the bottom of this new window.


If Comic Vine Scraper can’t find your comic, it will ask you to provide it with a different search phrase so it can search again. Take a close look at the search phrase that it just tried to use … are there spelling errors, or strange punctuation, or unnecessary words? Try changing the search phrase to get rid of these problems.

If this doesn’t help, your next step is to look for your comic directly on the Comic Vine website. If it’s not there, then there’s nothing for Comic Vine Scraper to find. At least now you know why the search isn’t working…

But what if your comic is available on Comic Vine? In that case, you can use ‘direct URL searching’ to short-circuit Comic Vine Scraper’s search process and force it to find your comic.

This is easy. Just go to your comic book’s series page (i.e. its ‘volume’ page) on the Comic Vine website. For example, if you are searching for the series.

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Speaking of sweet TV deals, Best Buy is now offering the top-rated TCL 55R615 for an all-time-low $400. It’s not an official Black Friday deal, and it expires late on Sunday, Oct. 27, but you can get it’ll return as BF gets closer.

There are a number of advanced settings that you can use to control Comic Vine Scraper. You use them by adding special instructions into the “Advanced” section of the Settings window.

For example, if you don’t want the scraper to load cover art from the Comic Vine website, you can type the following line into the Settings window:

There are many other advanced settings that you can add. There can only be one instruction per line, but the order of the instruction lines doesn’t matter. Capitalization and whitespace don’t matter either.

What follows is a list of the advanced settings instructions that you can use.

If you know how to write regular expressions, you can use this setting to improve how Comic Vine Scraper searches for your comic books based on their filenames.

Your custom regular expression will be matched against the filename of each comic as it is being scraped. It must contain a named group called ‘series’ that matches the name of the comic book series. If possible, it should also contain a named group called ‘num’ that matches the issue number of that comic, and optionally a third one called ‘year’ that matches the year that the comic was published.

This is the 2018 model; there’s a newer one, but don’t let that dissuade you. In his TCL 55R615 review, CNET’s TV guru David Katzmaier described the 6-Series as still having “the best picture quality for the money, period.” The TV handles both HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range sources and its picture quality rivals that of TVs costing twice as much. And yes, it has Roku built-in.

Wonder Woman Comic Vine

This setting causes the scraper to ignore a search term when trying to find a comic on Comic Vine.

When the scraper searches for your comic, it does so based on your comic’s filename. If that filename contains certain terms like ‘c2c’ or ‘noads’, those terms will not be used as part of the search. You can use IGNORE_SEARCHTERM to specify additional terms that should never be used for searching.

You may only specify one search term per line, and it must contain ONLY alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9). Search terms may NOT contain spaces or other punctuation characters.

For example, if you want the scraper to ignore the words ‘digital’ and ‘covers’ when searching for comics, add the following two lines: